Struggling Writer

In today’s world, individuals who dream of becoming famous writers and bestselling authors seem to have more difficulty than in the past. Technology has come a long way in trying to help writers, but at the same time it hurts them. Many readers turn to eBooks and eReaders which are cheaper than a nice hard-cover book. This is great for the public, but now authors are not earning the money that they used to. This can put a stall on one’s writing. Not only do writers have to worry about whether or not their book will be published, but now they have to worry about how many people will buy their work and read it.

There are so many different genres out there: fantasy, science fiction, fiction romance, religious, children fiction, etc. The range of these genres is large because of the variety of readers’ tastes. So how do writers know who their audience is? As a young girl dreaming of writing a bestselling novel, I have recently come to realize (with the help of the course I am taking at the moment) that I have no idea who it is I am writing for. I write fiction stories with romance and drama genre focus. My nonexistent novels will focus on the same genre. At first, I thought I was writing to the teenage crowd who is obsessed with relationships and romance. After a little research, I learned that middle age and even elderly people are also included in this genre’s fan club.

In order to reach out to all these future fans of all ages, it is time I embrace what technology has provided. Blogs, personal websites, and social media websites are all places on the internet that authors use to connect with their audience. My first step, as I have not had any professional writing in my life yet, was to create this blog. Although I group up in one of the “tech-savvy” generations, I am not very up to speed on technology. Therefore, this is an experimental blog to get a feel for what I can improve on before starting an author blog for myself. That being said, I hope to include excerpts of my stories and would love to have comments to respond in order to start my connection with my audience. Once I find an audience my writing will be able to move on to bigger and better things!


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