Who I am as a writer

I am a 21 year old aspiring writer and as of right now, I have never been published. My dream is to be published within the near future. I write all kinds of short stories within the fiction genre. My favorite genre to write in is fictional drama and romance. I base my stories off of real life experiences, basing my characters off of people I observe through my life time. I am slowly working on a novel that I hope to complete after I finish college. My characters in both my novel ideas and in my short stories are realistic and reliable. In my opinion, characters that readers can connect to help bring the story to life creating a different universe for readers to live in. When I write, I also make create a setting with an abundance of imagery and detail.

I am in my last year or so of college and will be ending it with a Bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing. Each course I take is more knowledge and skill put into my writing. I take my writing seriously even if it is yet to be published. While waiting to become a published author, I am starting to blog in order to create an audience of all different age groups. I hope that showing my personality and connecting with the public through various discussions and conversations will help me find readers and fans that will purchase my work when available. Writing takes me away from the world we live in. I can create a whole new world with just a pen and paper. It is a stress reliever for me to write these stories and at the same time I am hoping to create a piece that can be a stress reliever to the readers.